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Start-Up:- Wooden Street

Founders:- Lokendra Ranawat, Dinesh Pratap Singh, Virendra Ranawat, Vikas Baheti

Year it was found:- 2015

Location:- Udaipur, Rajasthan

Section - Furniture e-commerce

Unique Selling Point - Custom-Made Furniture

Miniatures are small decorative units that give a lively look to the interiors of the rooms. These beautiful miniature designs provide a unique look to the interiors of the rooms with their spectacular aesthetics.

Wooden Street has recently launched a wide range of miniatures that are antique, for a variety of different interiors.

The miniatures that Wooden Street offers are made up of metal and their designs give a classic vibe to the interiors.

The small decor items that these decor items provide has an antique charm to them.

Wooden Street provides a variety of different miniatures such as vintage car models, like Hoop Vintage Car, Doug Vintage Car with Black Wheels, and Cayman Vintage Car. Most of these miniatures are available in the rusty metal with a tinge of green. But, there are specific designs of these miniatures of these small cars that are designed with beautiful patterns, such as Vintage Traditional Buggy, and Hoop Traditional Vintage Car. These colourful designs of the cars are patterned with white-dotted traditional patterns, contrasting with glimpses of green and red.

Most of the miniature car designs available at the Wooden Street online furniture store are models of antique cars. These car design models are available both as open cars as well as closed-roof cars. The finishes of the numerous models are shiny and are also available with matte finishes.

There are many models of these cars available both in a mix of both metal and wood as well.

There are other designs of these car model miniatures that provide the look of an army vehicle, such as the Doug Vintage Car, Trunket Vintage Car, Trunket Vintage Car with black tyres, and Hoop Vintage Car. The Trunket Traditional Vintage Car has a colourful and playful aesthetic over an army bunker vehicle.

Apart from the car designs, there are other models of miniatures over the Wooden Street website such as the Tricycle Bottle Holder, Bug Tricycle and Bug Tricycle with a clock.

These different kinds of furniture units give a fantastic look to the interiors of the rooms provide a fantastic look to the interiors of the rooms. These tricycle units are creative in their design. There is a functional bottle holder in one of the tricycle unit. The other two bicycle units have an artistic vibe to them with an ant riding the bicycle.

One of the bicycle units has a clock, which makes it an even more useful unit.

These decor items, since decorated in vintage styles, give a blend of antiquity to a modernly designed interior.

Wooden Street has a vast collection of miniatures for giving an enhanced look to the interiors of the room, with their charming aesthetics. The different miniature decor items available over their website are made up of metal, or of both metal and wood. The quality of the metal used in making these furniture units is high grade, and thus these miniature items are durable.

Wooden Street is India's first online custom furniture store that offers custom-made furniture, which is also their USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Besides being a top-rated furniture store, Wooden Street also offers a wide variety of different decor and home furnishing items.

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