Low Power Wide Area Networks Ecosystem Market: Key Trends, Industry Opportunities And Market Projections For Upcoming Years

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Industry Highlights

Until recently, most M2M and IoT services have largely relied on licensed cellular, wireline and satellite networks for their wide area connectivity requirements. Cellular networks, in particular, have enjoyed significant success in the arena. However, for many low bandwidth IoT applications, traditional cellular networks are deemed too expensive due excessive power consumption and complex protocols that lower battery life. As a result, a number of LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) alternatives have emerged that specifically seek to address these concerns.

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LPWA networks are optimized to provide wide area coverage with minimal power consumption. Typically reliant on unlicensed frequencies, LPWA devices have low data rates, long battery lives and can operate unattended for long periods of time.

Already prevalent in IoT applications such as smart metering, lighting control and parking management, LPWA networks are expected to make a significant contribution to the M2M and IoT ecosystem, with an estimated $27 Billion in service revenue by 2020.

Major Players:

· 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project)

· Accellus Communication Networks

· Aclara Technologies

· Actility

· Adeunis RF

· Aerea

· Altair Semiconductor

· Altera Corporation

· AM Telecom

· AMBER Wireless

· Archos

· Arkessa

· ARM Holdings

· Arqiva

· AT&T

· AT&T Mobility

The "LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) Networks Ecosystem: 2015 - 2030 - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals & Forecasts" report presents an in-depth assessment of the LPWA networks ecosystem including LPWA technologies, key trends, market drivers, challenges, vertical market applications, deployment case studies, regulatory landscape, standardization, opportunities, future roadmap, value chain, ecosystem player profiles and strategies. The report also presents market size forecasts from 2015 till 2030. The forecasts are segmented for 9 vertical markets and 6 regions.

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