Five Varieties of Matches That You Need to Know

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Safety Matches

Matches are huge essential for everyday life. Each day we use to light the stove and lamp and so other purposes. They are so many varieties are there for example zebra matches, lion matches and so on. Also several types of matches like cardboard, wax, kitchen, barbeque or else long stick, veneer matches. A strike-anywhere match boxes can be lit against any surface with enough friction also safety match needs a strike plate containing phosphorus.

Various Types of Safety Matches

They are five several different types of safety matches.

1. Cardboard safety matches

2. Wax safety matches

3. Kitchen safety matches

4. Barbeque matches or long stick matches

5. Veneer matches

Cardboard Safety Matches: The cardboard matches contains high-quality wooden sticks. It is the extra-long size and burns for a quite long period of time. It burns for an extended time without splint fracture.

Wax Safety Matches: The wax sticks contains huge increasing the burning speed. It is the quality duplex board of both the outer and inner. The tissue paper is merged with the wax to given a splint enhanced smooth and strong flame. The matches are safe for all the types of weather conditions.

Kitchen Safety Matches: In order to fulfill the diversified requirements of the client. These kitchen safety matches are branded and quality woods. Matches are huge demanded in commercial and residential places to light the candle.

Barbeque Matches or Long Stick Matches: This long stick or else barbeque matches are using most of the hotels, catering sector. It will reduce the risk factors. These barbeque matches are utilizing to light the fire whether grill or barbeque. They are having extra-long size sticks. The range allows the polished and carbonized varieties. These sticks are no cracks or splits.

Veneer Matches: There are various types of the veneer matches they are a reverse slip, running, continuous, random, reverse slip, and book matched veneer. Veneer products are made up of a thin slice of wood. The pattern and color of the veneer matches are also varying the same wooden species.

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