Top Four Overtime California Laws Every Employee Should Know

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San Jose, California, USA – 28 February 2017 – Panahi Law Group presented a valuable article entitled Top Four Overtime California Laws to Know. Overtime is work in excess of the normal hours of work performed by initiative of the employer (as opposed to the combination, where the work is performed by initiative of the employee). Most countries in the world have overtime labor laws which are created to regulate the durability of overtime hours and prevent to work excessively for long hours. These laws are taking into account the state of the worker, making sure that even working in overtime, the employee remains productive enough to perform his work at the highest quality level. Overtime is usually paid at a rate higher than normal salary.

In the article Top Four Overtime California Laws to Know are described four laws about overtime in California, which should be known both by the employer and employee. Overtime California labor laws provide a rate of half times more than the usual rate. The normal quantity of hours which should be worked per week is 40 hours. All work that is performed in excess of 40 hours in one working week is considered an overtime and should be paid and reflected in the paycheck. Also the California labor code provide multiple ways fot the employees to gain overtime. Additionally to 40 hours rule mentioned above, a worker is getting overpaid if he exceeded the 8 hours of work in one working day. If the quantity of working hours per day exceeds 12 working hours, the overtime should be pad double as regular for additional hours on this day. The fourth rale states that overtime should be paid to employees when they work 7 consecutive days in a row. In such case the employee should be paid overtime for the entire day of work. Additionally, the law sattes that an employee must be paid twice his or her regular rate of pay for any work performed in excess of 8 hours on the seventh consecutive day of work.

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