FIFA 17 Official Music List

 Richard Betts

FIFA games always brings a lot of exciting music to their latest game; FIFA 17. The gameplay and game pause soundtracks have always got us hooked with their tunes. Now just buy fifa coins at with the most security delivery and professional service.

This has got all of excited for the next FIFA 17 Music. We do not know much about what we will be expecting as all the official soundtracks for FIFA 17 has not been released. But we have heard some of the music in the latest trailers and promos.

Here are all of the music we know for FIFA 17 so far (We will be updating this list as soon as we get all the songs)

1.Chariots by Paper Route
2.Jusfaue (ft. No Wyld) by Kumau
3.A song by Zedd – We predict True Colors
4.Hype by Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris

Which song do you like? Let us know in comments below. If you want the first time to learn about the FIFA 17 latest news. Our website will be your best choice.

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