Alexa Rankings Is It Really Worth Considering It?

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All the businesses or individuals having their online presence, aim at only one thing and that is to improve the conversion rate or lead generation from the website. Today, you can find plenty of resources to grab the attention of the potential visitors. However, many people often concentrate only on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), but there are other people who are interested to know how much traffic they’re receiving, whether they’re achieving their online goals or not and more.

However, in a whole, every business wish to score high in Google to get known among the potential users or customers across the world, and that’s where Alexa ranking comes into the picture. Today, people and businesses are becoming more concerned about how well they rank in Alexa, and make tons of efforts like adding Alexa toolbar, backlinks and more to improve their Alexa ranking. Of course, Alexa ranking has a strong impact on your online business, but do you think it is really worth considering it to measure the success of your business?

With this thought in mind, we’re going to discuss some of the major pros and cons of Alexa ranking in order to help you know whether it is really worth focusing on Alexa rankings or not.

Benefits of Alexa Rankings:

· Traffic from Alexa can be easily used as an intelligence tool, but one should never forget the fact that it is just a simple size of audience. You can just enter into your competitor’s website in Compare site section and measure actual results of your web marketing efforts and know whether it's worth investing in your current marketing strategies or not. You can also analyze your competitors' marketing strategies.

· It is totally opposite of Google’s PageRank. Here, the lower your ranking numbers, the better it is for your online business.

· The webmasters and advertisers can easily leverage from genuine marketing potential of their website. The better your Alexa rank, the higher they will be willing to bid to buy advertising space on your Web site.

· It also considers blogs or personal pages while ranking the website. Moreover, it will give them a distinctive mark.

· We all know that Alexa ranking brings you information about your website. So, it is a great tool to have in view of search engine optimization.


· One cannot deny the fact that not everyone has the Alexa toolbar installed. You can find millions of such websites over the internet that are having enough traffic, but never installed Alexa toolbar. So, such websites would fail to rank higher in Alexa.

· Many people believe that the Alexa statistics are not accurate and that Alexa traffic can be greatly influenced.

· Inability to rank subdomains as well as subpages with a domain. So, the entire traffic is calculated based on top-level domain only.

From the above pros and cons, it is clear that Alexa brings plenty of features for the site owners and marketers to evaluate its performance over the web, but it also lacks certain features. So, what’s your stand on this? Do you think Alexa rankings are important for your business? Share your views in the comments…!
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