Girls, letís be on the front seat, 90 days nationwide Free Female Motorcycle Riding Workshop &Training Campaign from 2nd Oct. 2018

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New Delhi – Sep. 24, 2018 - The Mystic Riders

Girls, let’s be on the front seat, 90 days nationwide Free Female Motorcycle Riding Workshop &Training Campaign from 2nd October 2018 to Clean the Mind 1st.

“Why Should girls always be the pillion?”

Contributing to the mission of Women Empowerment & Swachh Bharat, The Mystic Riders set to eradicate the long standing societal stereotypes about riding motorcycles is sole preserve of men. Hitting the road on 2nd October 2018 for a 90 days nationwide campaign covering all states and UTs, encouraging girls for riding motorcycle for their day to day commuting need along with providing Free Riding Training where there is a need. The campaign is proposed to end on 31st Dec 2018 at New Delhi after covering all states of India with a mission to trained 1000+ girls on how to ride motorcycle?

New Delhi – Sep. 24, 2018 – OneIndiaOneRide one of the core riding event to bring positive social change by The Mystic Riders an informal riding club of group of like-minded people, today announced the unique concept of using riding as mode of communication to bring social positive change through a nationwide campaign ride for 90 days.

OneIndiaOneRide: As name suggests conceptualized as one of it's kind of ride which will starts from New Delhi on 2nd Oct 2018 and proposed to end at New Delhi on 31st Dec 2018, covering all states and union territories of India. Similar free female bike riding training already being done by The Mystic Riders in past and trained around 60+ girls in Delhi-NCR. Now they are gearing up to replicate the same across India.

How to Join: Its free and anyone can join for a free riding workshop by registering on the official site under “RIDING TRAING” Section. Or directly visiting the below link

Join Via Facebook Event:

Who Can Join: Anyone can join its free of cost, encourage Schools, Colleges, Corporate, NGOs to join for conducting mass workshop for their staffs. Invite for free session at their campus in respective cities.

Proposed City to Cover:

Route Plan

The Mystic Riders:

A Group of difference, founded with an objective to transform passion of riding in to mode of communication in bringing positive social impact. They have been doing many social cause ridings since its inception like Food Distribution Ride, Plantation Ride, Free Women riding Training, Skill Development Campaign Ride are a few to name. Taking riding in to next level not just for fun. The group started in the year of 2017 with its two founding members in New Delhi, and spread its wings to other cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, and gradually grown to a 40 members group within a short period of three months. Currently the group consists of 80+ riding members (Male & Female) continuing. The group's philosophy revolves around the theme: “This Life is to Help Experience & Express” with an inviting tagline “See You on the Road…....


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