Digital Marketers India Shared Views on Recent Facebook Algorithm Update

 Asha Dave

One of the biggest buzz in the social media industry is the recent update announced by the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. The update is as below:

Facebook will stop showing publisher content on news feed even if someone has liked the page. The news feed aka timeline of a Facebook consumer will have more posts from his/her family and friends. The timeline will show publisher content, but only that content, which has a lot of interaction from consumers. The post with engagement-bail will be excluded from this list.

In simpler language, it means Facebook stops showing posts from different company pages and communities on the home feed/timeline of users. We all will see posts only from our family and friends and a few pages that are liked by us and have a lot of reactions or comments on it.

This news has shaken up world of many small business owners and social media management companies who are working with customers with a very limited budget. Ash Vyas, Director of Digital Marketers India and social media expert has shared her views on this in her recent article. According to her, this is a clear injustice to SMBs and small scaled social media marketing agencies. Facebook has stopped showing posts from the company pages, but it is still showing sponsored content with little to no interaction and engagement. This way it is a clear enforcement to small business owners by Facebook to use paid advertising on Facebook to reach their consumers. This is unfair to these small budget companies.

This SMM specialist further argued, the SMBs are also consumers of Facebook and there are 65 million company pages owned by small businesses. The small businesses can’t afford running paid campaigns and that’s why have limited yet genuine followers. We all know followers see, but don’t hit likes or leave comments so easily. Thus, small business pages on Facebook have fewer to no interaction on their pages. Not showing these pages in the news feed is a clear case of ignorance towards such a big segment of users.

She further argued in her article that Facebook wants to favor big brands and enforce their paid Ads program to the business users of the platform. There should be some middle way to make this platform better for each consumer of it rather than neglecting the millions of small business owners who use this platform to reach their audience. She further argued, if Facebook wanted to build a platform to keep people closer to their distant family and friends, why did it ever introduced “Company Page” feature and why still showing sponsored ads on timeline with no engagement.

According to the director of Digital Marketers India and many other SMM experts, Facebook is pushing their paid campaigns and it will harm many small business owners. At the moment, the dominance of this biggest social platform is ruling everyone. You may read the complete article of the SMM specialist about this update, possible consequences to SMBs and possible solutions at the following link:

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