Rhino Pressure Cleaning Provides All-Inclusive Cleaning Services

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Rhino Pressure Cleaning provides a broad range of restoration and cleaning services that include soft wash, high-pressure, steam-pressure and lichen treatment for giving commercial, industrial and residential properties a whole new look.

City, State, Date – Top-grade cleaning services and the technical proficiency of the workers have helped the ‘Rhino Pressure Cleaning’ Company to make its mark in the industry. Two kinds of roofs can be seen in the houses in Sydney; the terracotta and the cement roofs. These two types of roofs need specialized cleaning and restoration technique. The adept cleaners of the company have the efficiency in roof cleaning and the expertise in cleaning these two types of roofs efficiently.

In addition to offering the service of roof cleaning in Sydney for the residential buildings, the company offers a comprehensive range of soft wash and high-pressure cleaning services for the commercial and industrial buildings. From mould and algae treatment to the cleaning of internal floor and high-pressure cleaning, the company has been offering a wide range of cleaning services for the past 13 years in Sydney, Australia.

When asked about the factors that have contributed to the huge success of Rhino Pressure Cleaning, the spokesperson said, “We make sure that all the cleaners we accept in our team are experienced, certified and exhibit proficiency in the task of cleaning of residential, industrial and commercial buildings. The dedication, expertise, commitment and professionalism of our cleaners have helped us to emerge as one of the top players in the cleaning industry.”

He continued saying, “The houses in Sydney sport a special kind of roof manufactured with terracotta tiles. High strength, resilience, and longevity of the terracotta tiles make it the preferred material for the construction of roofs. Without adequate upkeep and cleaning these tiles get damaged with the passage of time. Lichen or green algae grow on these tiles and contributes to its deterioration. Our dexterous team of cleaners has the technical expertise in handling steam pressure cleaning by means of which they can get rid of the algae and help the roof look brand new.”

“We make sure our cleaners work with cutting-edge equipment for best results. The effective floor cleaning rotary tool and steam cuts through dirt, oil, mould and the grime and thoroughly cleans the roof, giving it a whole new look. We even provide our cleaners with the environment-friendly vacuum known as the “Capture and Clean” system. This vacuum is in accordance with the ‘EPA’ water laws. Our cleaners offer a wide range of services that include re-pointing, re-cleaning, ‘semi-gloss’ sealer application as part of the roof restoration and cleaning procedures. These factors make our company popular in the industry”, concluded the spokesperson.

About Company

The ‘Rhino Pressure Cleaning’ Company offers a wide range of restoration and cleaning services to the commercial, industrial and the residential buildings. The company provides soft wash as well as high-pressure cleaning services. The services offered by the company are high-pressure and steam pressure cleaning; internal-floor cleaning and treatment of mould and algae. The company has been in operation for over 13 years. They have made their presence felt in the industry for their specialized services, high-level of proficiency of their cleaners and cutting-edge equipment.


Rhino Pressure Cleaning

Tel: 1300 399 791

Email: rhinopressure@optusnet.com.au

Website: http://www.rhinopressurecleaning.com.au

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