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True Glue is proud to offer you a distinctive range of cruelty free eyelashes. Regardless the size and color of lashes you are looking for, we have got you covered. For more information, visit our site today!

Who doesn’t like beautiful eyes? The key to strong, wonderful, and lavish lashes? It's in the glue. Picking the correct lash augmentation adhesive is a standout amongst the most imperative contemplations while applying false lashes. Low-quality adhesives are awkward, turned out to be hard and flaky after drying, and can make agony and uneasiness the customer.

Two of the most vital elements to consider while applying lash extensions are the relative mugginess level and temperature of your work environment. Some lash adhesives flourish in lower moistness, while others are intended to work in an assortment of atmospheres.


Even if you have thick lashes, it will appear even more beautiful. Today, many women don’t have beautiful thick lashes, so they look for lash extensions. There are a wide assortment of extensions of eyelashes available, but at True Glue, we are happy to offer you a range of cruelty free lashes. In the making of these lashes, no animal testing is done. In fact, these are completely vegan.

True Glue all-normal lash adhesive is the first of its kind! It's totally common and useful for your skin and lashes, and it works. True Glue lash adhesive is for use with a false lash and endures throughout the day until evacuated. While all customary lash glues make your lashes dry and fragile, True Glue lash adhesive is skin-accommodating and kind to your lashes. Contains premium ingredients, for example, biotin, castor oil, and chamomile separate.

What we offer?

We offer a line of eye lashes, adhesives and natural make-up. The way to enduring eyelash extensions is utilizing a quality adhesive. At True Glue, we offer a portion of the best eyelash augmentation adhesives intended for use by expert lash specialists. Every one of our extensions have a three-month time span of usability and can be utilized for six to about two months, once opened. Unopened adhesive can be solidified for up to a year and must be defrosted somewhere around four hours preceding use. If you are looking to shop for our range of cruelty free lashes, adhesives and make-up visit our site today and start shopping.

About True Glue

True Glue's cosmetics line isn't care for some other cosmetics line. It's the aftereffect of inside and out research on various characteristic and natural ingredients and distinctive plant mixes. Every fixing has been, painstakingly chosen – and simply the perfect sum picked – to boost your health, your great looks, and enduring wear, like a genuine glue to the skin. Characteristic concentrates, rich vegetable oils, intriguing margarines and waxes, mineral colors – this is the normal goodness inside each True Glue item. You can smell this normal goodness, as well – get a whiff of a True Glue item, and you'll distinguish brilliantly new fragrances.

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