The Multi-Faceted Person Named Mauro Borsano

 Gian Borsano

Very few people in life come across success in their own terms. They are fully aware of the significance of the self-trained and possessed qualities in their persona which paves the way to success. One such person is Mauro Borsano who was born in Domodossola on 6th September, 1946. He proved to the world that no matter whatever circumstances prevail in life, self-belief and confidence can crack all the problems. There is no rule to success, but short cuts definitely do not bring long lasting reputation.

Gian Mauro Borsano was born in Italy but he made a global name for himself as he had a great vision and sense of business. His acumen for the business was very strong which also led him in trouble and legal woes several times. But each time he emerged successful and clean from the cases. He never gave up and thus maintained his cool side to bring the best blend in his own behavior.

· He started his career in the automobile industry. He was the manufacturer for the muffler of cars. At the same time he was manufacturing and distribution other products which were in demand and doing well in the market. Because of his keen sense of business, he emerged as a great entrepreneur and earned respect for himself from his subordinates and peers. But the competition and peer pressure was also immense from all sides.

· In the years which followed, success became synonym with his identity. He became the President of the Colossus Gima, a company which was involved in the construction segment. The company had employed as much as 600 employees and the turnover of the same was 600 million lire. His streak of success in the construction sector was also highly noteworthy and his colleagues always thought and believed that the man had answers and solutions for even the toughest of issues.

· When his stint began as the president of the first rated football team in Italy for Torino Calcio, his problems also started. The team performed badly under his leadership and he had to face the criticism for the bad performance of the team. But he took the flak by his stride and worked hard with the team. His team faced Serie B and after achieving success became a part of the Serie A and the following year they were the finalist in the UEFA Cup. He was the person behind the success and nothing can change the fact that he was the person who had the reins of the show in his hands. He proved to everyone that perseverance can always bring fruitful results.

· He got exposed to the field of corruption when he became the member of the Parliament in Italy and a politician. His name started doing rounds in the money laundering cases, but he never actually was a part of the laundering. But still he had to undergo the mud-slinging and face the criticism of the public. His sharp presence of mind was the guiding start for the strength in his character and thus he was able to prove that he is a clean man.

· In the 2001 and 2011, he had to face the terms under legal premises also but this did not tarnish his self-confidence.

Rarely such personalities are born who exhibit such string sense of self belief. He remained calm in all the tough situations in life and proved his worth to the world. Despite his innumerable failures, he remained rock solid in his mind and this quality led him to sail through the tough tides and emerge successful.

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