Physio and Sole Clinic Helps Patients Recover With Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

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Physio and Sole Clinic's physiotherapists use personalised exercises to rehabilitate patients after surgery and restore their bodily functions to normal.

[SINGAPORE, 8/8/2019] - Patients recovering from surgical operations can trust Physio and Sole Clinic to aid in their post-surgery rehabilitation. The clinic's team of physiotherapists uses personalised exercises to help a patient's bodily functions return to normal after their medical procedures.

Tailor-fitted Recovery Regimen

Physio and Sole customises the post-surgery rehabilitation exercises they administer to patients based on several factors. First is the nature of the surgery that the patient received. The clinic’s specialists will also take into account the patient's physical fitness and their body type to come up with a training programme that addresses the patient's unique problems.

These programmes usually focus on activating and facilitating the muscles adjacent to the area of incision and strengthening muscles weakened by nerve problems from before and after the surgery. Physiotherapists also work on the flexibility and movement range of areas affected by the surgery. Their experience enables them to determine the safest and optimal exercises for their patients.

Restoring Movement and Improving Lives

Patients can go to Physio and Sole Clinic for a wide range of intensive physiotherapy services. The clinic can help athletes recover from sport-related injuries, such as sprained ligaments and muscle tears. Alternatively, they can enhance their performance through massage therapy sessions.

The clinic’s physiotherapists are also adept at dealing with sports-specific injuries, such as patellar tendinitis and clavicle fractures in cyclists.

Physio and Sole Clinic further employs cutting-edge therapeutic methods. Patients can experience the wonders of extracorporeal shock wave therapy modules, which use powerful shock waves to treat muscles.

About Physio and Sole Clinic

Physio and Sole Clinic's staff empower its patients so that they can have the best quality of life. The clinic’s staff comprises highly trained podiatrists, physiotherapists and psychotherapists who can see to the physical and mental health needs of their clientele.

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