Premium Vials Sustainable Closure Options Help Spirit and Wine Brands Reach North American Consumers

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Tullytown, PA – 8 August, 2019: PremiumVials, a leading packaging supplier to North America’s spirit and wine businesses is emerging as a leader in environmentally-responsible packaging solutions.

Sustainability has been a hot topic in the food industry for a good few years and is now making an entry into the alcohol industry. Spirit and wine producers are learning that sustainability is not just in the best interest of the environment but it’s also beneficial for their business. They are, therefore, doing everything to make their operations more sustainable. This includes implementing a range of initiatives like deploying solutions to reduce wastewater and using environmentally-friendly packaging closures for their product. PremiumVials is helping the industry in its massive transition.

“We make sure our customers get the best green packaging solutions for their various packaging needs,” said a PremiumVials spokesperson. “For our clients in the spirit and wine industry, we supply recyclable corks and bar top corks. Our packaging closures are FDA and USDA approved and come in different colors and designs to give clients an expansive collection to choose from.

Millennials drink 42% of all spirits and wine consumed in North America. Since millennials are also the generation with the strongest penchant for sustainability, it makes for a huge opportunity for businesses in the sector to impress and win these consumers by adopting sustainable practices in their operations.

“Customers today demand production ethos to be pure, green and clean and prefer to associate themselves with brands that have lower carbon footprints. For spirits and wine companies, this holds even truer as most of their customers are young people who have a heightened sense of environmental responsibility. By using sustainable packaging, businesses can enhance their brand image in the eyes of consumers and build a loyal customer base,” concluded the spokesperson.

Besides serving the alcohol industry, PremiumVials also accommodate businesses in other industries and is renowned for its innovative and high quality packaging solutions.

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PremiumVials is a worldwide wholesale packaging supplier, specializing in glass, plastic and metal packaging materials. The company caters to the packaging needs of various industries including household care, laundry, pharmaceuticals, medical marijuana, cosmetics and food among others.

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