RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy Uses High Concentrations of Growth Factor to Improve Patient Treatment Outcomes

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Autologous PRP treatment offered at RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy speeds the recovery process

9/16/19 – Toronto, ON: The esteemed regenerative medicine clinic in Canada, RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy, has changed the world of modern medicine with their treatment methods. Offering safe and effective injection therapy, they provide a solution for an array of medical conditions and ailments pertaining to the musculoskeletal system.

Ever since its inception, RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy has been Canada’s top choice for regenerative medicine services. This is because of the specialised treatment practices they provide, which are used to heal muscle injuries and ailments.

Using platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection therapy, the clinic offers a non-invasive alternative to surgery and other complicated procedures. Not only is this treatment method safe, but it also promotes quick healing because of the high concentrations of growth factors used.

The latter refers to platelet-made compounds present in the blood. These are essential for the injury healing process as they help attract other cells and components that can assist in recovery. In addition to this, growth factors also facilitate cell reproduction and promote the formation of new blood vessels. Both of these aspects are critical for healing and recovery of injured muscle tissue.

The PRP injectate used in the treatment procedure adopted by RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy, comprises a particularly high concentration of growth factors. These include Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGFB), Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF), and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF). When injected at the site of injury, these growth factors trigger a quick healing response by stimulating other biological elements that aid in the recovery process.

What makes RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy stand out from other medical facilities is their emphasis on autologous treatment. The biological component used in their PRP injections is taken from the patients’ own blood. This eliminates the chances of tissue rejection and reduces risks of infection post-procedure.

Speaking about their PRP treatment process, Medical Director for RegenerVate, Dr. Douglas Stoddard, said, “Our autologous PRP procedure is both, safe and effective for patients. We start by withdrawing 20–60 cc of the patient’s own blood. This is then centrifuged to separate the platelets from the other compounds present in the mixture. The platelets are extracted and prepared for injecting back in the patient’s body.

“By doing so, we increase the concentration of growth factors within their body which, in turn, speeds up the healing process. Our treatment method guarantees quick results and improved patient outcomes, helping patients resolve chronic pain, muscle sprains, and other ailments”.

Based in Ontario, RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy has branches in Cambridge, Thornhill, and Toronto. In addition to helping the Canadian population, they also offer their medical services to US patients. More information about their services is available on their website.

About RegenerVate
RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy is an injection therapy unit based in Ontario, Canada. Their clinics are spread across Toronto, Thornhill, and Cambridge. The regenerative medicine facility specialises in autologous PRP injection therapy, which is used to treat various musculoskeletal conditions.

Contact Information
Telephone: 1 855 847-3975
Address: Cambridge, ON— Grand River Sports Medicine Centre
40 George Street North
Cambridge, ON
N1S 2M8
Thornhill, ON— Sports & Exercise Medicine Institute (SEMI)
8150 Yonge St., Suite 1
Thornhill, ON
L4J 1W5
Toronto, ON— Sports & Exercise Medicine Institute (SEMI)
602 - 2 Sheppard Avenue E
Toronto, ON
M2N 5Y7

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