Romax's Direct Marketing Service Provide Effective, Targeted Marketing Campaigns

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Romax helps clients maximise their data so they can create targeted and more effective marketing campaigns, leading to better client responses. The company is the trusted service provider of many organisations in London.

[London, 18/09/2019] – Romax provides a range of direct marketing services for business-to-business and business-to-consumer ventures. The company guides their clients in maximising available data to create more effective campaigns and communicate more effectively with their customers.

Expert Direct Marketing Services

Data is the foundation of every marketing campaign. By understanding customer behaviour, organisations can create more appealing offers. This leads to better responses from customers that eventually lead to a purchase, a visit to the company website and other desired actions.

Romax provides clients with data-driven services that aim to produce the best results for their clients' campaigns. With over two decades' worth of industry experience, the company has the knowledge and expertise that has supported the successful marketing campaigns of many organisations in London.

Direct Marketing with Maximum Effect

Direct marketing allows companies to build strong connections to their customers. Campaigns are carried out through direct mail, emails and phone calls, with pitches personalised for each client. The goal of direct marketing is for targeted customers to respond to the company's call to action.

Romax offers a 360-degree approach to help deliver the client's key message. The company offers both online and offline channels, including direct mail, emails and phone calls, allowing clients to choose which channels are more effective for their campaign. Romax also uses an integrated marketing approach, launching campaigns to different channels using a single source.

The company helps their clients maximise available data to create accurately targeted campaigns. Using the information, Romax identifies whether the campaign fits the clients' chosen target audience or if the customers will respond to a different message. Using a hands-on approach, Romax helps address issues during the campaign before they become serious matters.

About Romax

Romax aims to help businesses manage their data more effectively to make smarter business decisions and develop meaningful client relationships. The company is the trusted service provider of well-known organisations in the UK, including BBC, Marlowe Theatre and Mercedes-Benz.

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