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Semi Stock Week: Chipmaking stocks plunge - QCOM , Oerlikon (OBH.BE), SMIC, IBM, UMC, Samsung.

 Andrea Lati
Description: Chipmaking stocks plunged. Cisco’s warning about corporate IT sparked fears that technology spending is slowing. This, along with other fears prompted stock analysts to downgrade chip making companies. The aftermath was ugly: 34 out 36 stocks finished in red. Qualcomm took the top spot on rumors that Apple ordered a large number of CDMA chipsets. Oerlikon had an new purchase from Astronergy. Equipment stocks tumbled 9.5%. Semiconductor stocks had a 5% drop, while VLSI’s Hotties fell 3.3%.
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The Chip Insider� August 14, 2010 � Semi Stock Week: Chipmaking stocks plunged to new lows for the year as Cisco's warning and disappointing economic data sent investors running for the hills. QCOM took top spot, followed by Oerlikon (OBH.BE), SMIC, IBM, UMC, and Samsung. New: Links to Conference Call Transcripts. WildPhotons: Sorrows ...
Chipmaking stocks plunged to new lo ... See more
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13 September, 2019
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