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Lausanne, VD, Switzerland–A new and fully equipped green screen studio is going up at Smart Cuts Video & Animation.

In order to meet demand for video production based in a studio, Smart Cuts is investing heavily in a top-of-the-line video recording studio.

“We want customers in need of a great space for their video projects to have what they need at a price that beats all competition,” says Lucas Chambers, Director of Smart Cuts Video & Animation. A creative Communication agency in Geneva, Smart Cuts has become in many ways an industry leader in creative communications in Switzerland.

“To stay ahead of the pack, or a cut above, as we like to say, means keeping up with trends and consumer demand, of course,” says Chambers. “We noticed a while back already that more and more organizations needed a context more compelling than a board room to shoot interviews and presenter-driven videos for the marketing and communications. So we decided to provide it for them.”

Equipped with a large wrap-around green screen the new Smart Cuts studio will allow video enthusiasts to shoot scenes they can then set anywhere. This is being particularly appreciated by those who wish to avoid the hassle of location scouting and scheduling.

“The great thing when you shoot interviews on a green screen,” says Chambers, “is that you don’t have to change location to add variety to your settings. You simply add that variety in post production.”

Chambers warns, however, that green screen production does require proficient post production and planning, to avoid such artifacts as incompatible lighting and spill.

“Spill is when you’re getting too much green light reflected onto your subject, which is then hard to remove in post-production without removing parts of the subject,” says Chambers.

Avoiding spill is a matter of proper light control, distance from the screen and camera settings, Chambers specifies.
At a time when video production for marketing and communications keeps ramping up, a studio in a busy area is a must. So far the Lausanne area was not well-served in that regard, and Smart Cuts decided to seize the opportunity to get a step ahead.

“We’ve already had clients as diverse as CNN Money and rock stars come in to shoot at our studio,” says Chambers, “ but we wanted to truly deliver a top notch experience, so we’re investing in better equipment, above all sound-proofing.

With the studio heavily booked till the end of the year, the ROI seems a sure thing.

If you wish more information on this topic, please contact Lucas Chambers, Director of Smart Cuts Video & Animation at

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