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 Thomas Shaw

Stiiizy is actually a newly founded vape pen company that was made in 2017. They developed a product which is distinctive than the other usually discovered 510 threaded vape pen cartridges. Read our Stiiizy pen review to discover why we advise it was our preferred THC oil vape cartridge of 2018 and why we've got updated this review considering the fact that then to produce it one of our lease favorites. As of 2019, Stiiiizy vape pods are very weak now as they changed their oil to a significantly less potent formula. Get more information about Stiiizy Red Blue Orange Rose Black Pods Stiiizy Battery (Charged With Excitement) Innovate

The pod system for Stiiizy is still an excellent system to refill. Because they came out CCELL cartridges have gotten greater at the same time. I would take a current generation CCELL plus a excellent battery just like the Vessel over a Stiiizy pod. This innovated design prevents wasting THC oil from accidental drops, glass cartridges at times can crack when dropped and waste the valuable cannabis oil inside. Another nice feature micro USB connection that could be identified at the bottom of your Stiiizy vape, it’s not encouraged to use this vape pen whilst it’s charging although. Most smaller sized 510 batteries nevertheless demand a screw on charger, but greater end batteries also use USB.

The Stiiizy pen began with potent THC oil, now it is actually weaker than the majority of what's offered
The extracted THC oil Stiiizy originally had in 2017 and early 2018 was powerful. The oil in Stiiizy pods had THC levels testing at 85%. The lab test final results for each of their cartridges are effortlessly accessible on their website, Later they were identified to possess weaker oil than claimed, as noticed on our oil pen tests list. Vaping this cannabis extracted oil tasted extremely clean. Still it truly is clean tasting, but because they've moved to a yellow colored oil it doesn't taste as good because it did.

Stronger than Stiiizy: other THC carts that are improved
Our original reviewer mentioned it reminded them in the oil in the Dosist vape pen, on the other hand, significantly stronger. I doubt it reflects the top quality Dosist is using in 2019. Stiiizy now is one of the weakest options readily available in California. A stronger THC pod system you could possibly would like to look at would be the Plug and Play vape.

Stiiizy pods are weaker then most vape cartridges.
At first we have been blown away by the strength and high-quality of Stiiizy. Now Stiiizy is within the bottom 10% of cartridges. I would place it as one of your worst THC vaping options available. The hardware is still superior although and refilling with diverse oil is good.

You'll have to hit Stiiizy more than and over to keep the higher up, if you really feel anything. Some pods made no impact for me. I double checked having a friend who largely hits straight dabs on eRigs, and he said he couldn't really feel anything from Stiiizy pods. This vape pen used to be pretty much as effective as dabbing from a dab rig. The original Stiiizy was one of the very first vapes to obtain hits like you would from loading wax on a wax pen just like the Omicron v5.

Taste is missing in the THC oil when vaped.

Our original reviewer attempted five diverse strains from Stiiizy which contain Grand Daddy Purp, Gelato, Skywalker OG, and Mango, and Pineapple express. I have gone via and retried these strains too as other folks. Because Stiiizy pods have changed their oil, all of them lack in fantastic taste as well. They nearly taste like nothing at all, which matches what you get for strength.. Sadly, the Granddaddy Purple didn’t remind on the cannabis strain I am familiar smoking, it tasted bland. The Skywalker OG almost certainly tasted the very best of your bunch but also was bland.. Gelato used to taste like a lighter version in the Brass Knuckles Gelato but now it is just about flavorless as well. Our prior reviewer’s preferred was the Mango CBD pod, considering that it used to become like Mango. Pineapple express a favourite of numerous of us at DabConnection, but we can not help but count on that has lost its old flavor too.

Nonetheless one of your less costly prefilled cartridges should you can locate it at a superb price tag.

It is pretty disappointing that the costs of those Stiiizy pods for sale are significantly higher in some cities than other people. Within the bay region the prices for any half gram are from $30-$40.00 before the 15% California cannabis tax. I managed to seek out them in Modesto, an hour drive away for $20.00 a half gram prior to taxes. Two half gram Stiiizy pods used to final longer than two carts from Amber Industries. Now the Stiiizy pods are correctly useless for somebody with even mild THC tolerance.

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