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Personal care products are more essential things in our daily life. Everyone is using different types of products daily. There are various personal care products on the market. Here the important thing is we aren’t aware of how they manufacturing those products.

The most of the products are made with some chemicals. Some chemicals are very dangerous to our skin and health. It may lead to cancer.

Now we have to take care of personal care products too. So the better option is to consider organic products.

Syndy Pharma is the leading and well reputed Personal Care Products Manufacturers in India. We are based in Hyderabad. Our products are manufacturing in pure organic and eco-friendly way.

Some of our well-reputed products are listed below

  • Baby Hair Oil Traditional
  • Anti Dandruff Hair Oil
  • Stretch Mark Gel
  • Gentle Wash
  • Mouth Wash
  • Slim Gel
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Massage Oil
  • Hair Oil

We are committed to offering the best quality products for fulfilling the customer requirements. Our products are offering at affordable costs by comparing to other products in the market. We are happy to say that Syndy Pharma has the trusted name as Best Personal Care Products Manufacturers in the market.

Our desire is to maintain the long-term relationship with customers.

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HYDERABAD - 500 039,
Telangana State,India.
Cell No : +91 - 9440334236
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