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[01 Nov 2018, Cambridge] There are ample choices to make from Dentist in Cambridge with dentistry. The gum, tooth problem, oral health hygiene is looked after by the dentist along with a special segment on sleep disorder like sleep apnea and snoring. Sleep and snoring solutions are catered with utmost care and caution. It is easy to survive without food and water but sans oxygen it is simply unthinkable. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is not only dangerous but jeopardizes ones life. It can lead to an increased risk of stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure. Not only that, excessive daytime-dizziness has also led to serious accidents.

People in our society think sleep as a commodity, can be sacrificed to accomplish other task. But with sleep deficiency body is in a constant state of flight or tussle. Sleeps refreshes and invigorate body to do work again and carry out normal activities in a human’s life. The stress and lack of sleep for a continuous period wreaks havoc on the cardiovascular system. The Sleep apnea appliance also has been linked to obesity and diabetes. At times obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can be so dangerous that it can kill one and take the life away. The popular dentist in Cambridge treats obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliances like the Narval, Somnodent or the SUAD appliance.

Dental implants replace the tooth root and build a solid foundation for bridges, crowns or an overdenture. The Dental Implants are the only dental prosthetics available today that stop the bone loss that continues to happen once a tooth is lost. The neighbouring teeth anchored by a dental bridge to be ground down to allow for the fabrication of a crown. A bridge tie 3 or more teeth together i.e. when you develop decay under one of the crowns, the entire bridge has to be replaced by cutting off. “The doctor and dentist have been great throughout the process. It will be suggested to friends and would recommend it to everyone.” as mentioned by a patient.A dental implant can replace a single tooth without affecting or damaging the neighbouring teeth.The benefits of dental implants are many such as follows—one can eat and interact normally with a natural looking smile; fit perfectly and comfortably, proven and long lasting solution to tooth loss.

About Mehan Dental

It provides dental care to maintain healthy smile throughout the lifetime. It is quite popular and unique dentistry in Cambridge which also deals with sleeping disorder. The dental care provided is of high quality, professional, friendly and accommodating. The superb dental and client care with personalized service as the top priority, being honored with platinum as the best dentist in Cambridge are the proud exaltation of the oral health expert. In March 2015, the doctor received Academic Certificate from the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Discipline too. As eyes are windows to soul, your mouth has plenty to say about general health too. For more information on their services, dental fees and details about appointment, please log on to

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