The Building of Guangdong, Dongguan Electric Power Grid

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Pingxiang City, China 2018 – By 2020, the smart electrical grid will cover the entire Guangdong, Dongguan. The information infrastructure and construction conference for Guangdong, Dongguan was held on August 11th and marked the official opening of “Dongguan Power Grid Upgrade Action” program.

The implementation plan for "Dongguan Power Grid Upgrade Action" program had been issued as early as June 2017. According to this plan, Dongguan is expected to launch various key projects and a series of power grid demonstration Benchmarking Project. This involves the building of 56 grids by the end of 2020, constructing thirty-nine, and reserving forty. This is the "Group of three," completion of the city power grid upgrading, and information of "Safe Reliable, Green, and efficient" Dongguan smart grid.

The city of Dongguan has also proposed the development and construction of the Guangdong Bay area International manufacturing center. Additionally, the implementation of the park planning group development is to an enterprise scale. This will be a second plan for the city's quality improvement projects under the umbrella of the grid upgrade campaign launch. It will also focus on the construction and upgrade of the park, city urban enterprise multiplication, and improvement of quality development.

As per the Dongguan Power Supply Bureau, using the grid upgrade operations, the power grid and its reliability to residents will be strengthened even further by 2020. This will be through the installation of one million ninety thousand multifunctional smart meters, single phase prepaid watt hour meter, intellectual grid level, and service level will be significantly boosted. These activities will have a significant impact on Dongguan's development agenda, putting it at a higher starting point. It will also enable the city to achieve improved development to deliver not only a firm but reliable power protection altogether.

As experts involved with intelligent power distribution, we focus on the corporation we have with major local science and technology institutions. The existence of advanced technology and equipment has paved the way for the development of High voltage switch series, power quality analyzers, low voltage intelligent circuit breakers, smart universal circuit breakers, double power automatic switching, CPS control and protection switch among others. Besides these, we have been able to come up with microcomputer integrated protection service, guide rail electrical energy meter series products, and high-quality three phase energy meter.

Our products are high quality and have achieved CCC and CQC certification authority. These can be proved from various experimental reports conducted. We currently have more than one hundred patent certification.

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