The Essential E-Pin Generator Feature in MLM Vibes MLM Software

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MLM Vibes is known for making competitive MLM software that are equipped with different features required to fulfil different functions of the MLM business. E-pin generator is one such feature of the MLM Vibes MLM software that helps in bringing more security to the sales and purchases.

Here is what exactly e-pin generator is and how it helps you in your MLM business.

Multi-level marketing is about selling products and recruiting new members. This is where E-Pin comes in the picture where it helps in making payments and easy sign-ins. E-Pin is that essential and important feature that lets you access your account information and carry out financial transactions through various e-channels and e-service such as internet banking, mobile banking, telebanking & eStatements.

To make it simple and in layman’s language, E-Pins are like prepaid coupons, vouchers, and scratch cards. As a multi-level marketing company it is imperative that you are familiar with the concept of an e-Pin and how resourceful this feature can prove for your business.

The e-Pin feature makes it easy for you to collect payment from members with ease as your company grows and membership increases. Fundamentally e-Pin is a security code which facilitates internet dealing like registrations, product shipping and much more. E-Pin ensures the safety of your product purchase and sales.

Advantages of E-Pin:

1. Risk-free and safe transaction: Every e-Pin is generated is a very confidential code, which is without discretion produced by the MLM software, and very unlikely to get compromised or accessed.

2. Flexible transactions: With the help of e-Pin function, the eMoney or eWallet transactions are carried in a more flexible and secure manner.

3. Assessments and estimations: All e-Pins that are produced, used or declined to follow an easy & effective monitoring and assessment cycle so that there is a record of every single e-Pin that gets generated.

4. Boost for the business: MLM companies can project e-Pin as a way to endorse the website. New recruits will be better persuaded to join the business as the concept of e-Pin allows for a secure and easy payment mode.

5. Website admin: The designated website admin can build the e-Pin with a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters, admins also are able to define and administer the length of characters as well as the expiration date of an e-Pin.

6. Transcending boundaries: As businesses continue to grow and develop globally, the e-Pin proves to be valuable in cross-border transactions. Network marketing businesses are secure in the knowledge that they can carry transaction and register members in the most secure way possible.

Considering these advantages you must make sure that when you sign up with a network marketing software it is enabled with the e-Pin feature. MLM software that is enabled with this feature can manage e-Pin as well as secure the transactions.

To more about such useful and exciting features log on to and get a free demo of MLM software with all the features.

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