The Juice Box BK Debunks 5 Popular Juicing Myths

 Tol Bayo

Brooklyn, New York – Without a doubt, everybody accepts there are a lot of benefits to juicing. But while many are of the opinion that juicing is here to stay as it aids nutrition awareness and is a prime key to vigorous health, many others are of the feeling the whole juicing enthusiasm will be short-lived and will certainly fade with time. The Juice Box BK, a healthy living blog in a recent post sheds more light on juicing and debunks 5 of the popular juicing myths.

The first myth to be debunked by The Juice Box BK is that a Juice Diet is just another fad to be replaced by something else in a short while. This is obviously not true as juicing has been around for a long time and shows no sign of going away. People are rather becoming more aware that juicing provides a great source of plant energy and vitamins when included as part of a sensible diet.

The 2nd myth dates back to when a popular juice brand was recalled from stores after it was tainted with E-coli. But the fact remains when preparing any food product, proper hygiene must be followed to ensure no contamination takes place.

Popular Myth number 3 is that Juices do not have fiber. Why this is not exactly untrue, it is not entirely true either. What is true is that much if not all the fiber in the juice can be strained out of the juice if that is the intent.

The forth myth to debunks is that Juices contain no protein and have a lot of sugar, making them essentially spendy kids’ beverages. Yes, while juices contain a lot of sugar, the point behind juicing is to consume healthy fruits and vegetables in a fun, convenient (and tasty!) way.

Finally, the Healthy Living Blog debunks the myth that says the health benefits of juicing are bogus. Research is starting to prove what avid juicers have felt all along; that juicing can, indeed, have important health benefits. For instance, beet juice may help lead to lower blood pressure and carrot juice has been shown to help repair white blood cells damaged by a smoker’s habit.

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