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At the Jacobs Law Firm, Jonathan Jacobs, Esquire is a versatile uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando with ample experience practicing as a same sex divorce lawyer Orlando, working with all aspects of family law, including contested divorce cases, as well as some areas of civil litigation such as small claims cases. Being an Orlando Divorce attorney, he practices readily within five different counties in the central Florida area; Orange County, Seminole County, Lake County, Osceola County and Hernando County. Through his wide geographical reach, Attorney Jacobs has been able to experience many different divorce situations, agreements, and mediations; also, he has ample knowledge of the varying courthouses’ practices, judges, and expectations thereof.

As an uncontested divorce attorney he has the job of making sure that he works on behalf of his client along with the other side, being the client or even another Orlando divorce attorney, in order to make sure that each party favors the terms of the divorce enough to at least agree formally, in an effort to avoid taking the matter to trial, which likely isn’t in the best of the parties financially. Unlike a contested divorce attorney, who strives to win over the judge in court, an uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando FL has to make agreements that are not only appealing to their client, but to the spouse of the client in order to dissolve the marriage. This agreement can be made through mediation, and if the mediation is not decisive in resolving all issues, then that is when the divorce must be contested before the court.

However, being an uncontested divorce attorney Orlando doesn’t necessarily make anyone qualified to be a same sex divorce lawyer Orlando to litigate an uncontested divorce case, or even a contested divorce case. It takes a more certain familiarity with the laws and case law that has come about since same sex marriage was legalized for the entirety of the United States after the Supreme Court Case Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015. That is why when consulting for an Orlando Divorce attorney in a same sex marriage it is important to seek a same sex divorce lawyer Orlando. Same sex divorce lawyers, like Jonathan Jacobs, know the differences that are so important in these cases versus a typical divorce in order to more thoroughly and accurately represent a client. You are your best advocate when choosing your counsel, so it is so important to find the Orlando divorce attorney that is best suited to your needs in your case.

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