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DRAM and Flash Memory Market to turn up in 2013 ... with Jim Handy

 Jim Handy     Objective Analysis
  8671      Jan 16, 2013
Summary: The memory market was real rough in 2011 as my guest, Jim Handy of Objective Analysis predicted here early in the year. In this video, we bring Jim back in to talk about what happened,  and get his semiconductor memory market forecast for 2013. We examine both DRAM and Flash and the driving forces behind market picture. Jim sees the memory market as being in a growth mode. Find out why in the video.
About weVISION: weVISION is a series of video interviews of visionaries by G Dan Hutcheson, his career spans more than thirty years, in which he became a well-known as a visionary for helping companies make businesses out of technology. This includes hundreds of successful programs involving product development, positioning, and launch in Semiconductor, Technology, Medicine, Energy, Business, High Tech, Environment, Electronics, healthcare and Business divisions.

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