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Yokogawa Financial Report

 Kazunori Yagi
Description: Financial Results for Fiscal Year 2009, Summary of FY09 Results, FY09 Financial Results, Comparison of FY08/FY09 Financial Results, Analysis of FY09 Operating Income, FY08/FY09 Quarterly Financial Results, FY08/FY09 Non-operating, FY09 Budget and Results Comparison, FY08/09 Comparison for Orders and Sales by Segment, Global Sales, Trend of Balance Sheet, Trend of Cash Flow FY05 - 09, FY10 Budget, Comparison of Operating Income in FY09 Results and FY10 Budget, Trend of R&D Expenses, R&D Expenses,
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Financial Results for Fiscal Year 2009

May 14, 2010 Kazunori Yagi, Director, Chief Financial Officer

Summary of FY09 Results
1. Constrained capital investment and the strong yen caused a substantial year-on-year decline in sales. Fixed costs were cut further than initially planned, but this couldn't compensate entirely for the lower sales. As a result, operating income was down.
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