ISO Smart City Standards in Practice: Considering Current and Further Cities' Needs and Expectations in New Standards Formulation and Implementation
Bernard Gindroz P...
15 December, 2017
IoT & Railway Rolling Stock
14 December, 2017
VR&AR Opportunities in Personalised Product/Services/Manufacturing
Marco Sacco
13 December, 2017
Strategy for Designing Scalable Architectures for Metrics Ingestion and Big Data Analysis
Samuele Vecchi
12 December, 2017
Latest 2017 and 2018 Global Semiconductor Sales and Sales Growth Predictions Derived From The Cowan LRA Forecasting Model
Mike Cowan
11 December, 2017
Mobile Applications Threats Review
11 December, 2017
Huawei OpenLab To Nurture Digital Ecosystem
Lim Chee Siong
09 December, 2017
SemiWEEK: What’s Happening and What’s the Meaning; Order activity bounced back; Stocks slipped
Andrea Lati
08 December, 2017
Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
Solid-state Meteorological Radars in the C and X Bands
Masakazu Wada PhD...
08 December, 2017
Dependability and Driving Delegation
Gilles Le Calvez ...
07 December, 2017
Driving the Digital Enterprise
Jan Mrosik PhD
06 December, 2017
Machine learning - Why is it so important now?
Jason Loh
05 December, 2017
Latency-aware Virtual Machine Placement for Mobile Edge Computing
Wei Wang
04 December, 2017
Leveraging the Internet of Things for Growth
Stephanie L. Woer...
02 December, 2017
SemiWEEK: Order activity fell slightly; The CPPI pulled out of the decline; stocks plummet
Andrea Lati
01 December, 2017
CMP and Current Trends Related to Advanced Packaging
Robert L. Rhoades...
01 December, 2017
Cloud Computing Strategy
Rex Wang
30 November, 2017
Architectural Implications of Cloud Computing
Grace Lewis
29 November, 2017
The International Think-Tank on the Digital Future
Global Forum – IT...
28 November, 2017
Yash Pandya
27 November, 2017