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In the era of advancement of technology, still, hand-operated sirens are in great demand in the areas where electricity supply is poor as these work without electrical supply. Sometimes even these are used as a backup option for the electric sirens in order to let the people stay alerted about any emergency condition. Hand operated siren could be defined as the mechanical device which haunts with loud noise and high degree pitch in order to alert the public for forthcoming or impending danger like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fire, theft, and many others. The advantage of the hand-operated siren is that it is movable and the person can take it to places for announcing the emergency. Are you searching for the qualified Hand Operated Siren Manufacturer for appropriate devices?

Hand-operated sirens were introduced with the aim of letting people listen to the information more clearly and loudly. Earlier these were used mainly in the army areas for building communication with the large volume troops. At that time these were playing a vital role in the management of such a large team with ease and also helps in providing safety to the people from any hazard or danger heading their side. With the advanced technology and material, these sirens are upgraded to an electronic item which has updated its performance and reduced the manpower consumed to make it function.

Nowadays industrial section is using these type of siren for the daily routine announcement for their workers to ensure that they work for proper hours without missing any extra time. The routined tasks like shift start, shift end, lunch break, tea break, or any meeting or gathering alertness. Most of the commercial and residential areas are also using such type of sirens in order to help the guard announce any emergency without running to the apartment and people individually.

Salient features of hand-operated sirens:

  • Hand operated siren is more preferred for the places where the electricity supply is minimal or even not there.

  • These sirens are manually functioned therefore these do not require any battery backup or power supply and no maintenance is required for a long duration.

  • The sound can travel from 0.5 km to 1.5 km distance at a glance and can be designed as per the requirement.

  • The body of the hand-operated siren is made up of aluminum casting material which makes it suitable for every corner of the building.

  • The material with which sirens are made is usually rust-free and waterproof due to which these get adjusted in any weather conditions.

Plus points of hand-operated sirens:

  • Though electrical sirens have inbuilt space for rechargeable batteries have overlapped the market of hand-operated sirens still hand sirens hold many advantages, some of them are depicted below:

  • Hand-operated sirens have ease of transportation and it is due to the no wiring and batteries attached with the body making it more easy to travel from one place to another without any harm to its functioning.

  • The hand-operated siren is supposed to function by following a shutter mechanism which is efficient in producing three or more signals at a single duration and increases the efficiency of the siren.

  • The frequency of such type of sirens is a very low level which does not fall in the category of producing noise pollution in the air.

  • The small size of the siren gives an additional advantage that is ease in mobility and easy function understanding.

Where to go to buy the best hand-operated siren?

Qutak at a glance provides a variety of hand-operated sirens for use in industrial areas for information sharing purposes. The professional’s team at Qutak keep themselves engaged in constructing a high-quality device that would help to save their lives from the upcoming dangerous situations. They design a product whose sound pitch can be adjusted as per the requirement. One can have a visit to Qutak in case he is also searching for fire safety devices as it has been holding the best Fire Alarm Manufacturer position in the town from last few years. Many other security devices available at Qutak includes fire alarms, fire control panels, burglar alarms, gong bells, industrial sirens, smoke detector, or heat detectors.

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