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Applying Machine Learning Industry: Examples and Case Studies

 Theresa L. Utlaut & Kevin C. Anderson
Description: Issues: • over-abundance of data with not enough people looking at it • More variables than observations • Outliers and missing data • Unknown/unsuspected structure in the data • Weird distributions • Mixed data types The value: an ability to quickly detect problems and accurately predict results can have a huge positive impact on the bottom line. Interactive Data Exploration And Learning (IDEAL).
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Domain: Electronics
Category: IT
On the Use of Machine Learning in the Semiconductor Industry: Examples and Case Studies
Theresa L. Utlaut Logic Technology Development Intel Corporation Hillsboro, OR theresa.l.utlaut@intel.com Kevin C. Anderson F11 Yield Engineering Dept. Intel Corporation Rio Rancho, NM kevin.c.anderson@intel.com

Joint Statistical Meetings - Toronto August 10th 2004
JSM 2004 T. Utlaut/K. Anderson
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