Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Monitored Alarm System

 Daina Martin

House owners are always concerned about the security of their homes and are not satisfied with just installing double locks and security windows. They are always looking for better ways to make their house secure. The residential alarm monitoring service provides greater security to homes and has become very famous among house owners.

Earlier the alarm systems were wired, but with the advent of technology, wireless monitored alarm systems are now available and are said to provide more safety and security than the earlier alarm service.

Though these alarm services are extremely advantages but sometimes they can also have some disadvantages depending upon a situation. Let us explore in detail the advantages and the disadvantages of a wireless monitored alarm system:


Protection Round the Clock:
A house which has a residential alarm monitoring service installed is always protected from any kinds of burglar activities and thefts. Some of these systems also have fire alarms, which also help in safety of the people in the house in case of fire. This system is extremely helpful when you have to leave the home locked up for an extended period or when your kids are alone at home. It also provides constant security during night time when the family is sleeping. With a wireless monitored alarm system installed, the people in a house can be assured that they are perfectly secure.

Deterring the Criminals:
When an alarm is installed in a household, the company provides a sign which indicates that the house has been secured with a monitored alarm system. This sign is enough to deter the criminals who might be thinking of breaking into your house. This is a very good idea and inhabitants of a house should make sure that these signs are displayed clearly all over the house.

Easy to Install: The wireless monitored alarm systems are very easy to install as there are no wires involved in the installation. Thus the person who is installing this system does not need any special proficiency. The house owner can very easily install it by himself.

Not affected by Power Failure: A wireless monitored alarm system works on lithium batteries and thus do not stop working in case of a power failure.


Replacing Batteries:
The wireless monitored alarm system works on batteries and this means that the house owner should always, keep checking to make sure that the batteries have not drained out and change them as and when needed. Any failure in doing so could lead to a faulty security system in the house.

Cut Phone Lines:
In many houses, the residential alarm monitoring service is connected to the phones and this makes it extremely easy for the burglars to cut the phone lines and disable the monitoring alarm system.

False Alarms:
Wireless monitored alarm systems are very helpful in making a house safe and secure, but at times they can also be very annoying with the device giving false alarms which could alert the local police and the fire department. This could be very annoying for you as well as the police and fire department, especially if this occurs repeatedly.

Hence, wireless monitored alarm systems are extremely advantageous for the safety and security of a house, but they do not come without a few disadvantages.

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