How to Change Wireless Router Password With Ip Address

 Melinda Jefferson

The ip address is highly important for every computer because it is used to receive internet services through broadband. The ip address is also an identification of device so users should know about ip address. The hackers are easily hack wireless networks but users can restrict them from hacking with changing wireless router password. The password is great choice to protect wireless network so every users should learn how to change router admin password. The users no need to learn any specific language to change router admin password because it’s very simple. The default password is highly essential for login into router settings so users should know default gateway ip address of routers. The manufactures are initially set ip address like ip address. Today various brands of routers available in market and manufacturers following different ip address for routers. Most of routers like Cisco are following ip address.

The Common Steps to Change wireless router password

The router privacy is highly important to avoid hacking and other misuses so users have to give better protection for routers with password. The users have to follow several steps to easily protect user’s routers from hackers and other unauthorized users. The wireless routers help to share high speed internet so they must change password at regular interval.

  • The users have to press reset button of wireless router
  • The users have to connect device with router and only use Ethernet cable for connection establishment
  • They should feed default gateway ip address in the web browser to get interface
  • They must enter login details such as existing username and password
  • Enter into admin page and then modify password as per desire

These are essential steps highly efficient to change password of wireless router. The default gateway ip address can be varied as per brand of router so users have to check user manual and feed the right ip address in browser. The router settings changes are not depends on internet so have to disconnect modem connection to avoid hacking issues. The router setting accessing is only performed by private ip addresses so users can easily maintain privacy.

The Default Gateway ip address

The common people always want to maintain privacy when using computer and internet. The hackers are highly destroying person details of users so internet needs to protect by users. The router password protection is a right solution to avoid theft and hack but users know about different routers and its private ip addresses. The Linksys router using and ip addresses. The dlink routers private ip address is or else ip address. The apple routers also using ip address, ASUS routers are using ip address. The buffalo routers are using ip address and netgear is one of the popular routers and it is using and ip address. The users have to know about these default gateway ip addresses to easily configure routers settings.

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