Security Cameras that are Theft Deterrent and provide your Property complete Security

 Deepak Dubey
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We always want to be secure and safe in our residence, workplace or anywhere we go. The sense of insecurity or lack of protection can really make our lives miserable. While the number of crimes is rapidly increasing, CCTV cameras are acting Sherlock Holmes for investigating the issues and getting the convicted jailed. This is not all, installation of high surveillance cameras is effective in deterring a huge number of thefts, burglary and other criminal offenses. It has now become a sine qua non or indispensable requirement for all the sectors.

The heinous crimes like Civil Lines Hit-and-run matter, where crime suspect was identified by checking the footage of a nearby CCTV camera. Police opined that the relevant footage always helps in speeding the case proceeding and the installation of these high-quality vigilant devices have reduced the number of thefts, snatching and other petty cases up to 50%, as mentioned in the report published in TOI 2016.

Now let's take a glance on its effectiveness in protecting our properties

A CCTV offers security benefits for the residential and commercial properties while they are cost-effective. And the installation process is not at all complicated as most of us think it to be. The devices are constantly vigilant and record footage of all the activities that happen within its range for months together. You can view the footage with the help of your Smartphones too. So, even if you are on a go you can know what's happening near your house or office with the software installed on your phone.

Exploring the high-end features of CCTV Camera

Minimum-light focusing – Lower the Lux rating of the camera the better it can focus and record in the minimum possible light. When you want it for 24 hrs recording go for 0-LUX along with inbuilt IR illuminators which can capture the images in complete darkness. You can easily see if any tampering is done with your lock system and immediately call the police. Bullet cameras can serve the purpose in the best possible way.

IP or High resolution (pixels)

With an analogue security camera, the functionality of the device may be restricted without the feature as digital zoom, making the image received unclear for viewing, so you should always go for an IP or megapixel camera. Though analogue devices have unique features like cost-effectiveness and versatility in shape and size, you should always go for online ip camera is case commercial or industrial security requirements.

Circular or 360° range of view

When you install a CCTV camera for your residence or even commercial property is must capture the happenings of the complete area. So it must have a 360°coverage area, for stopping any illegal action from happening, within your premises. Moreover, it's a greater requirement in your offices to restrict the misplacement of important documents manually or online.

Infrared Sensitivity

Mostly the burglary or vandalism or a theft in the office is carried out at night and reason is known to us. So the infrared illuminators enabled cameras are able to capture 100 feet away from the place it's installed. The device emits a ray of infrared light for recording the images.

CCTV is now, like a compulsory device for maintaining the security in the business sector, which primarily includes factories, banks and storage houses. The incidents of theft seem to occur here more, and these brilliant devices can help to deter these situations. Security and safety of our residence and the office is a prime need which can be fortified by the installation of a surveillance cctv camera.

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