How to recover deleted google account on android

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Striving for a way to recover deleted Google account on Android? Try this

Google offers 2-3 weeks to the users to restore the deleted account. If you have deleted the same and now looking for a way to recover deleted Google account on Android, then you will have to perform few tasks. The first one is to prove the ownership of the account and next restoration process. So, get ready for the Google account password recovery help and also go through the Step solution:-

A comprehensive way to recover deleted Google account on Android

· Open a browser on your Android and go to the Google account recovery page. You can reach directly by tapping on the link

· Enter your Google email address and tap on ‘Next’ button.

· Thereafter, you will have to prove the ownership of the account by providing the correct answers to the security questions.

· After cracking the above step, you will get a link ‘Attempt to restore this account’ tap on it.

· Now, enter the last password which you remembered to proceed further in the path of Google account recovery for Android. You can enter any password which was associated to your account. After entering the same, tap on ‘Next’ button.

· That’s it; you are all done. Soon, you will get a success message from Google displaying, “you have undeleted our account”.

· Now, tap on ‘Continue’ button to get access in the account.

· After reaching to the account, your first task is to change the password. This time, make sure to fill the strong password and if possible use the combination of uppercase and lowercase.

However, if you face any issues amid the method, then dial on Google Account Recovery Number. The geeks will perform the task on your behalf and thus will give you a way to access Google account smoothly. Apart from this issue, you may seek for the assistance of any Google issues; the geeks will help you in all possible manners to fix the email issues permanently. The toll free number is open for all day & night, so you can reach anytime.

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