The Development Direction of K Span Roll Forming Machine

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In recent years, with the development of screen, production line, instrument, automobile, hardware and other industries, the demand for the equipment is increasing. In order to adapt to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, the research and development of the multi-station CNC rotary die machine is established.

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A kind of roll forming machine with high precision rotation mode, the mould on the upper part of the system and the lower part of the lower system respectively installed a by a synchronous motor drives, make fluctuation and synchronous rotation of the worm gear and worm drive mechanism. And the character: the upper die system on transmission set, including rotating position seat cover, punch, and lower die system includes a concave die, under rotating sleeve, sleeve, the transmission set; The worm drive mechanism is fixed on the frame of the shearing machine, and the worm gear and the upper and lower gear are mounted on the upper and lower drive sleeve respectively. The punch and die are respectively mounted in the upper and lower rotating sleeves, and the rotary sleeve and the socket are mounted on the top and bottom of the rotary table.

A kind of high precision K Span Roll Forming Machine, the upper mould system and the lower die system have installed a set of worm gear drive mechanism which is fixed on the frame of the shearing machine and driven by a pair of synchronous motor. From mould system transmission set respectively with rotating sleeve assembly, under synchronous rotation of the worm gear and worm gear drive, through the installed in the transmission set of dial with poor control on the set and rotating set in each other from or meshing state, so as to realize the rotation mold and mold on the pressure tile machine coaxial, high precision, arbitrary Angle synchronous rotation.

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