Internet Protocol Address and an Overview

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What is IP address?

IP address , As we know IP is an Internet protocol. This gives a unique address given to each computer connected to a network. It is used to identify the location of a specific machine or a website. As we want to target the respective goal.

  • Each dedicated server you buy contains a stack of 5 IP addresses. If you want, they can be used for different purposes. Using these 5 IP addresses, you can share the space of your dedicated server that you can give to rent the space. But do not use it to abuse my dear. This can result in the loss of your IP address by blocking the firewall.

  • A shared IP address is a unique address shared by multiple Web sites on a single Web server. A dedicated IP address is used by a single website, accessible by its domain name or directly by its IP address. You can assign a different IP address to each of the accounts to improve how search engines examine the links between the sites in those accounts. If they share the same IP address, these links will be considered as coming from the same website. On the other hand, if your websites have different addresses, you can make links between them as if they were completely separate.

The advantages of a dedicated IP address

1. Easily can access your website anytime

When you want to check the appearance of the site, you can simply do it via your IP address. It is not necessary to spend time changing the DNS settings of the domain name. Easily using your IP hackers can access the site.

2. Other party providers and illegal scripts

Some applications and some scripts require a dedicated IP address. Better to avoid third party websites. Do not enter into website which is blocked by firewall. If you enter into their code website so, they can easily track your website and your moves in market.

3. Royal identity

In this case, you plan to host an online store (or) other type of e-commerce and you can manage payments directly to customers without benefiting from third-party services. In this case, you will need a dedicated IP address and an SSL certificate for security reasons. A dedicated server address will make your customers feel much safer.

4. It protects your reputation as an email sender

The emails you receive as promotion, brand-related messages, and unrelated messages have the potential to turn them into spam, from which we can secure your email service. If you use a dedicated IP address, your service is completely safe from this risk area.

5. Upgrade new technology and compatibility of old search engines

We now support the installation of multiple SSL certificates on a shared IP address, but multiple SLLs on a shared address may cause problems with older versions of some browsers. Using a dedicated IP address avoids such problems.

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