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 Syed Usman

Audio Video Bridging over Ethernet (AVB) is a set of IEEE standards for transporting audio and other real-time content over Ethernet. The Ethernet AVB systems are reliable and provides improved synchronization and offers low latency for audio and video streaming.

Ethernet, AVB, allows customers to take advantage of a shared Ethernet network infrastructure. Ethernet is ubiquitous and used everywhere and hence everyone can take advantage of Ethernet networks that is already in place. AVB is used automotive streaming but also now finds several applications including industrial control, educational and healthcare segments.

iWave Systems tested the “Ether AVB Video Streaming” on iWave's RZ/G1E development platform based on Renesas RZ/G1E CPU with the Linux 3.10.31 version. The testing was done by streaming 2 videos from Host PC-1 to iWave’s G1E board and then playing 1 video in RZ/G1E board and streaming 2nd video from the iWave’s G1E board to Host PC-2 and playing it on the host PC-2 display.

The below figure explains the testing flow:-

ETHERAVB on RZ/G1E board

Here iWave RZ/G1E board is connected to 2 different host PCs through ethernet cable. Host PC-1 streams 2 videos to iWave G1E board through ethernet-1 port (100/1000) using VLC media player by providing IP address & port number of iWave G1E board. iWave G1E Dev kit receive 2 video streams and play one video on its TFT display and streams another video to Host PC-2 using Gstreamer commands by providing IP address & port number of Host PC-2. Host PC-2 receives the video and plays it using VLC media player.

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