5 Important things to know About a Power Bank

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What's the Power Capacity and Size

The size of power banks and its power capacity are both aspects that are directly related. For the most part at least. I say this because, with newer power banks, it's becoming possible to fit higher power capacities into small compartments. However, in general, the power capacity will match the size of the power bank.

So if you want a power bank that is able to fit into your pocket, then you have to go with power banks that have power capacities of 3,000mAh to 5,000mAh. With that said, there's also equivalent exchange happening here; because with small power banks, you get a lower power capacity that is only able to charge your smartphone either once or twice. Also, small power banks just have a single port that usually has a slower charging speed than higher power capacity power banks.

However, there are still lots of small power banks that have fast charging speeds too.

Then there's the higher capacity spectrum of power banks. If you want multiple charges for your devices then a 20,000mAh power banks and beyond are going to be the best options. These type of power banks are quite large and heavy, though, and as a result, power bank with high power capacities aren't to be held in your hand, or at least not for long periods of times. For the most part, you're going to be setting high power capacity chargers down because of their size, weight and also because they usually have multiple charging ports so you can charge numerous devices at once.

How many Charging Ports and Their Speeds

Power banks are useful because it's portable power that you can take with you to charge your smartphone and other devices. What makes them even more useful is when you get a power bank that has multiple charging ports.

Lots of Ports

Usually found on high power capacity power banks, having the ability to charge lots of devices at once is something that is very useful if you're using a lot of devices at once while you're on-the-go. Just imagine. On a single day, you're using your smartphone, a tablet, and your Laptop. Halfway through your day all 3 of those devices are running out of power and you still have so much work to do. That's a when a power bank can help because there is power bank that can charge Laptops and USB chargeable devices like a tablet and smartphone all at the same time.

Or maybe you just want multiple USB ports to charge multiple smartphones at once; those exist as well. The versatility of power banks is amazing and you can choose how many you want depending on what your needs are.

Speed of the Ports

With all that said, when you're looking at a power bank that does have multiple amounts of charging ports, then you need to know what the charging speeds each of them offer. My recommendation is to make sure that each port is capable of charging speeds of at least 5V/2.0A because most devices have their max charging rate at 2 Amps and higher. Also, the next thing that is very important to know is what the Max Output of power is.

The Max Output is the power bank's limit of how much power it can Output all at once. If a power bank has 3 charging ports and each port has a charging speed of 5V/2.4A and the max Output of the power bank is 3 Amps at once, then that's quite bad. That's because you can't even use the max power of two ports at the same time. This is why it's important to go for power banks that have high Max Outputs.

Special Attributes

Since there are many power banks out on the marketplace, it also means that there are ones that have different purposes. Let's take a look at what kinds of power banks have a bit of a helpful twist to them.

Rugged Power Banks

Just like our smartphones, power banks can't withstand taking falls or having a water fall on them because most of them of them aren't built for those kinds of things. However, also just like smartphones, there are power banks that are made to protect themselves from water and taking falls onto the hard ground.

They're called Rugged power banks and they're the perfect for taking with you if you're going camping, hiking or biking in the wild. With that said, there are quite a few Rugged power banks so you should pay close attention what the Enclosure level is on the one that you choose to get. This is because there are some Rugged power banks that can withstand Jets of Water but not be immersed in water.

Also, even though Rugged power banks are marketed towards people who are going into the Great Outdoors, it's very viable for a Rugged power bank to be used as an everyday portable charger because of things, like dropping it and getting water on it, are still prevalent.

Power Banks with Built-In Charging Cables

Almost every charging electronic requires a charging cable to be used, mostly because your devices that need charging need a cable. Even Wireless chargers need wires to actually be powered.

When you're using a power bank, that's when needing a charging cable can be a nuisance because you might forget your charging cable at home and that renders a power bank absolutely useless. With that said, there's a way to erase the need of always needing to remember to bring a charging cable with you when you have a power bank.

This is by using a power bank that has Built-In charging cables. Power banks with built-in charging cables are able to have the cable that you use the most to charge your device built right into the power bank and by doing so, you'll always have a charging cable on hand.

In addition to having a single built-in charging cable, there are power banks that can have two Built-in charging cable to charge two compatible devices with those cables; also these kinds of power banks have AC Adapters or USB cables that are also built into the portable charger to recharge the power bank.

Ultimately, getting a power bank with built-in charging cables it a great way to forget about external cables and just focus on portability and charging.

Charging Tech

For smartphones, the goal isn't exactly to have larger and higher battery capacities because that would end up just making the smartphone larger and heavier. Also, newer smartphones currently have very high battery capacities already. With that said, the main focus is now to make those smartphones recharge faster and to replenish their very high battery capacity. There's a new generation of charging tech that is being used and it's called Quick Charge and also another kind of charging tech called USB-C.

Quick Charge

Both of those charging technologies are being used by newer smartphones and they're able to charge smartphones very quickly. Quick Charge tech is a matter of compatibility because smartphones must use a SnapDragon Processor that is compatible with Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0. Also, the power bank must feature either Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 charging tech to be able to charge at their max charging speed. Quick Charge is so fast that you can recharge your smartphone from 0 to 60% in just 20 minutes.

The fact that you can get this fast charging along with power banks that you can take on-the-go with you is just phenomenal.


Then there's USB-C which is becoming more prevalent with newer smartphones that are being released and USB-C is most likely going to be the standardized way to recharge smartphones because of just how much faster it is than Micro-USB; which is the charging method that most Android smartphones currently use.

There are many power banks that feature USB-C ports and they act as an Output and Input on most power banks. As a result, you can charge USB-C compatible smartphones at their max charging speeds when you use a USB-C to USB-C charging cable with a USB-C port on a power bank. There aren't too many small power bank that uses USB-C but they're out there, just the Aukey power bank above.

Take a look at your smartphone and research whether it's compatible with any of the two charging technologies like Quick Charge or USB-C; if that's the case, then you're in for a world of fast charging and less time waiting for a recharge for your smartphone.

Who you're buying the Power Bank From

Power banks are a business venture and a lot of companies know that. As a result, there are a lot of companies that sell power banks. With that said, this can actually be a negative thing because most companies that do sell power banks don't what know what makes a quality one. As a result, there are a lot of power banks on the market that have poor conversion rates, slow charging and very large sizes for their power capacities.

Instead of purchasing your power banks from companies that are selling any old power bank, go for the ones that have a good reputation with lots and lots of review. This way, you'll know what you're going to be getting before you purchase the charger.

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