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New Nokia 3310 may not work along with your provider

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Smartphones work on a wide variety of cell frequencies to aid diverse networks and technology. As a end result, you could take a smartphone from the united states to Europe, throw in a neighborhood SIM, and use it to make calls, ship texts, and get admission to the net. sure, it may not work as you anticipate with every service, but it's going to get the task carried out on a simple stage at least. Dumb phones, then again, are a good deal extra restrained.

that's because dumb telephones are restrictive in phrases of frequency support. In truth, lots of them do no longer even aid 3G networks. the new Nokia 3310 is one in every of them -- and that is a hassle in case you are looking to shop for one. right here's why.

The way that HMD, the organisation that absolutely makes the Nokia-branded 3310, designed the smartphone, your provider needs to support the 900MHz and 1800MHz bands in order that allows you to make and acquire calls and ship and acquire texts. trouble is, those frequencies are simplest common in Asia and Europe.

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