Basic Air Conditioning Care for Homeowners

 Renan Orola

You don’t need to have a skill as that of a professional air conditioning repair technician to take good care of your air conditioning unit. All you need is just a basic knowledge of your AC and a bit of your time. The efficient and smooth functioning of your air-conditioning unit would depend on how well you maintain it. Hiring an air conditioning repairs in Perth to do repairs and other highly technical maintenance is a good thing, but there are basic air conditioning care that you can do on your own. These small things you do in your AC unit can go a long way in making it function at its best and live longer.

Basically, there are three benefits in taking good care of your air conditioning system. First, it saves energy and in turn saves money. Second, it keeps your home or your office comfortable. And third, it makes your AC live longer and run as it was intended.

So, here are some basic air conditioning cares you can do to your air conditioning unit.

  1. Perform monthly regularly check-up in your air conditioning filter. Clean filter is very important in the overall efficiency of your air conditioning unit. By doing a regular monthly check-up on the air filter of you AC you can make sure that it is clean and free from dust and dirt build-up. A clean AC filters can facilitate in ensuring that your air conditioning unit is working efficiently.
  2. Schedule a regular clean-up on the outside unit. If you are using a split type air conditioning unit its condenser is installed outside your home or building. Grass, bushes, leaves, dirt and debris that built up may interfere the efficient working of the condenser. To clean the outside unit, you simply remove the overgrowth, fallen leaves and other debris surrounding the outside unit. Spraying the unit with simple water hose can help remove the build up dust and dirt. For you safety, always make sure that the power is turned off before doing the cleaning. With a regular clean-up of the outside unit you can make sure that your condenser runs smoothly and efficiently.
  3. Insulate and seal your ducts. According to EnergyStar, more than 20% of the cool air produced by air conditioning unit is lost due to poor duct insulation and leaks. Figuratively speaking, you are throwing your hard earned money on air. Leaks likely occur at joints, so check for gaps at the joints. Other causes of leaks are the damage made by rodents and insects or if something falls on the duct and got it torn. Sealing and insulating of ducts and windows can help in preserving cool air produced by AC system.
  4. Make sure your thermostat is working correctly. Setting the thermostat in your home or office can greatly help in maintaining property temperature. That is why it is important that your thermostat is working correctly and registering correct temperature. If you are still using the old model thermostat, you should consider upgrading it with a programmable one.
  5. Regular annual check-up with a trusted air conditioning repair company. Doing your own check-up is a good thing, but having your air conditioning unit checked by a professional is a smart move. A trustworthy air conditioning repair technician can check and maintain the parts of your AC which are not familiar to you and may requires the skill and knowledge of a professional.

The basic care you do to your air conditioning unit can extend the life span of your AC system. Those simple DIY step can help you save money on repairs and replacement, as well as help lower your electric bill and gives you optimum comfort in your home especially during summer.

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