Book Review: Handbook of Photomask Manufacturing Technology

 Dan Hutcheson
Book Review: Handbook of Photomask Manufacturing Technology
Edited by Syed Rizvi, Publisher: CRC Taylor and Francis
This is the first handbook ever written on the science of mask making and it is a stellar addition to this field. Definitely not a light read, but it is a must-have for every mask maker’s library. The Handbook of Photomask Manufacturing Technology would also make a great textbook for university students interested in this field. It is a more than a Handbook, describing most areas of mask technology in great detail as well as the esoteric, such as NGL (Next Generation Lithography) masks electron projection lithography. As such, it is closer to an encyclopedia. It’s been tightly edited, with the exception of what many will object to, which is the advert posing as a chapter that starts on page 599. That aside, there is too much in this book that is absolutely fantastic. Norio Saitou’s chapter on e-beam mask writers is superb. The Optical Mask section chapters, written by Nobuyuki Yoshioka, Syed Rizvi, Wilhelm Maurer, and Frank Schellenberg are really great. Overall, I give it two-thumbs up.
Table of Contents
Foreword by Yoshio Nishi
Preface: Syed Rizvi
Introduction to Mask Making — A.G. Zanzal

Data Preparation
— P.J.M. van Adrichem and C.K. Kalus
Mask Writers: An Overview
— S. Babin
E-Beam Mask Writers
— N. Saitou
Laser Mask Writers
— C. Rydberg

— N. Yoshioka
Conventional Optical Masks
— S.A. Rizvi
Advanced Optical Masks
— W. Maurer and F. Schellenberg

NGL MASKS: An Overview
— K.R. Kimmel and M. Lercel
Masks for Electron Beam Projection Lithography
— H. Sano, S. Palmer, and M. Yamabe
Masks for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography
— P-Y. Yan
Masks for Ion Projection Lithography
— S.A. Rizvi, F-M. Kamm, J. Butschke, F. Letzkus, and H. Loeschner
Mask for Proximity X-Ray Lithography
— M. Oda and H. Yoshihara

Mask Substrate
— S.A. Rizvi
Resists for Mask Making
— B. Rathsack, D. Medeiros, and C.G. Wilson
Resist Charging and Heating
— M. Bai, D. Chu, and F. Pease
Mask Processing
— S.A. Rizvi
Mask Materials: Optical Properties
— V. Liberman
— T. Yen, C.B. Wang, and R. Heuser

Photomask Feature Metrology
— J. Potzick
Optical Critical Dimension Metrology
— R.J. Hoobler
Photomask Critical Dimension Metrology in the Scanning Electron Microscope
— M.T. Postek
Geometrical Characterization of Mask Using SPM
— S. Muckenhirn and A. Meyyappan
Metrology of Image Placement
— M.T. Takac
Optical Thin Film Metrology for Photomask Applications
— E. Apak
Phase Measurement Tool for PSM
— H. Kusunose
Mask Inspection: Theories and Principle
— A. Rosenbusch and S. Hemar
Tool for Inspecting Masks: Lasertec MD 2500
— M. Yonezawa and T. Matsuyama
Tool for Mask Image Evaluation
— A. Zibold
Mask Repairs
— R. Lee

Modeling and Simulation
— A. Erdmann

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