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Building a New Generation of Memory: Evolution and Revolution, Kevin Witt

 Kevin WItt
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Building a New Generation of Memory

Evolution & Revolution

Director, Disruptive Technology

Kevin Witt


Prologue This was an invited talk at the Gilder-Forbes Telecosm in March of 2008. (Additional information at http://www.telecosmconference.com/) I was asked to present on my perspective of the future of memory and what Semitool was doing to facilitate the development and introduction of tec ... See more
Kevin Witt
19 November, 2015

A Zn Redox battery for Utility Scale Storage

There are many proposed and actual energy storage technologies that can create inventory for the grid. Why are they not being used? A brief economic analysis is used to answer th

Kevin Witt
18 December, 2009
Kevin Witt
25 May, 2009