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Business Process Management, Service-Oriented, and Web 2.0: Business Transformation or Train Wreck?

Description: What are BPM, SOA, and Web 2.0? Expert Perspective: Overcoming Organizational Challenges. Case Study: SOA-Enabled Logistics. Approach to Facilitate Intra-Agency Cooperation. Future Trends Convergence. Enabling Knowledge Workers Through Collaborative BPM. Real-Time BPM for the U.S. DoD.
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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

Today’s leading-edge organizations differentiate themselves through analytics to further their competitive advantage by extracting value from all their data sources.

12 February, 2018

The Oracle In Reading

Generally, a psychic consultation involves psychic readers to tune in to the energy of his/her client without any psychic tool like cards or crystal balls.

25 May, 2015
Oracle Corp
10 February, 2015