CES Trends, Takeaways, & Big Announcements
30 January, 2017
Automotive Infotainment: How Oems Can Contain The  Surge Of Digital Giants Into The Cockpit
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31 December, 2016


Cards are typically used for point-of-sale (POS) t

David Pollino
27 December, 2016
Building The Better Bank: Fraud Detection and Prevention
Timothy P. Minaha...
06 December, 2016
Power electronics for EV/HEV 2016: market, innovations and trends
Coralie Le Bret
20 November, 2016
Designing to Meet New Audio Experience Expectations and Standards Critical for Competitiveness
Devon Worrell, Sr...
24 October, 2016
Wireless Charging for in Vehicle Automotive Applications
Vaclav Halbich
06 October, 2016
Intel Knowledge Builder for its Curie Module and Quark SE Microcontroller
Chris Rogers, Tim...
03 October, 2016
LithoVision 2017
5 global mobile gaming trends
facebook IQ
15 September, 2016
Why interactions with technology are finally set to become truly natural and intuitive?
Trend Watching
09 August, 2016
Six Converging Technology Trends Driving a Tectonic Shift in the Business-Consumer Ecosystem
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27 July, 2016
The Impact of Technology
22 July, 2016
Next-Generation User Interface Technologies for Mobile and Consumer Devices
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15 July, 2016
Multiple Intelligences Theory and Technology Opportunities
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27 June, 2016
The Anatomy of a Computer Recycling Process
Thomas Q. Hogye
22 June, 2016
Consumer Electronics Campaign Effectiveness
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16 June, 2016
5 Technology Trends to Watch
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10 June, 2016
Sensors for Wearable Electronics & Mobile Healthcare
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09 June, 2016
Chip Card and Security
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22 May, 2016
Adding Human-Like Sensing to Computing Devices
Achin Bhowmik PhD...
08 March, 2016