Cloud Computing Patterns
Francesco Nocera
22 September, 2017
Artificial Intelligence: What is it? Is it dangerous? When it will be smarter than humans.
G Dan Hutcheson
21 September, 2017
Impact of Big Data and AI on Insurance
Anand S. Rao PhD
20 September, 2017
The Cook’s Tour: IBM’s Watson - How Intelligent is it?
G Dan Hutchson
19 September, 2017
Making Cities Smarter
Alexander Stoyano...
19 September, 2017
Visualizing the Cyber Security Challenge for Attack Behaviors
Jeffery Garae, R...
18 September, 2017
The Business Case For Cloud Computing: Cutting Through The Hype And Determining The Benefits For Your Business
Claranet limited
10 September, 2017
How Cloud Computing Enables Modern Manufacturing
Stephen Ezell, Br...
06 September, 2017
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IOT Related Activities In Japan
Masamichi Imai
04 September, 2017
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Thor Chin
25 August, 2017
LPWAN Framework Sigfox Vision
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12 August, 2017
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How to Manage and Free Up Storage Space on iOS 11?
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26 July, 2017
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21 July, 2017
Delivering Predictable Storage Performance in a Virtualized Environment
Vincent LaPaglia
20 July, 2017
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17 July, 2017
Next-gen Secure Distributed Telco Cloud
Juniper Networks
13 July, 2017
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