McAfee Labs Threats Report
Raj Samani, Chris...
19 January, 2019
Digitalization, Digital Thread, PLM & MBSE: Where to next?
Donald Tolle
17 January, 2019
Food Fraud - Reduce Counterfeit Risk and Increase Customer Trust Using Data Aggregation
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15 January, 2019
Digital Reinvention of the Product.. and of Industry
Eric Schaeffer
14 January, 2019
Cloud is good for business! Are you sure
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Cybersecurity and the Oil and Gas Industry
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10 January, 2019
Transforming Insurance in an Era of Disruption
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07 January, 2019
Assessment of the IBM-Q Quantum Computer and Its Software Environment
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02 January, 2019
Booking Token Unit (BTU) Protocol
BTU Protocol
31 December, 2018
Cybersecurity: Labor Market Analysis And Statewide Survey Results
Governor’s Office...
28 December, 2018
 Managing Identities and Expectations in High-Tech Industry
Els De Maeijer, T...
25 December, 2018
Intelligent Manugacturing Practice of COSMOPlat Cloud Platform
Object Management...
20 December, 2018
Pitch of the Project Proposal Power & Energy eXchange (PEX)
Maurice Malka, Zi...
19 December, 2018
Problem Statement and Use Cases of IPWAVE(Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments )
Jaehoon (Paul) Je...
17 December, 2018
 IoT as a Service Beyond The Connectivity
Koby Levy
14 December, 2018
Digitalization and RFID - You cannot have one without the other
Jeff Snyder
13 December, 2018
Balanced Energy Consumption and Delay in the IoT-Fog-Cloud Computing
Adila Mebrek Leil...
10 December, 2018
Cybersecurity Guidelines By the IBA's Presidential Task Force.
Simon Walker, Anu...
08 December, 2018
PC-Based Control for Process Automation: Products for Hazardous Areas and Integration of Relevant Interfaces
Ing. Mirko Vincen...
05 December, 2018
Edge Computing for Smart-Home, Smart-Factory, and Smart-City By SOSCON
Ashok Babu Channa...
04 December, 2018