New Ways of Working - The art of the possible
Schools ICT
15 January, 2018
Cybersecurity & Physical Security Threats and Today's Security Solutions
Brian Harrell, Ro...
04 January, 2018
Preparing for New Tide of Artificial Intelligence: Initiate with Positive View
Rex Wu
29 December, 2017
SOSCON Serverless Computing Models
27 December, 2017
Testing Trends in 2017: A Survey of Software Professionals
Sauce Labs
20 December, 2017
Smart Future with IoT
Toshio Morohoshi
19 December, 2017
ISO Smart City Standards in Practice: Considering Current and Further Cities' Needs and Expectations in New Standards Formulation and Implementation
Bernard Gindroz P...
15 December, 2017
IoT & Railway Rolling Stock
14 December, 2017
LithoVision 2018
Strategy for Designing Scalable Architectures for Metrics Ingestion and Big Data Analysis
Samuele Vecchi
12 December, 2017
Mobile Applications Threats Review
11 December, 2017
Driving the Digital Enterprise
Jan Mrosik PhD
06 December, 2017
Cloud Computing Strategy
Rex Wang
30 November, 2017
Architectural Implications of Cloud Computing
Grace Lewis
29 November, 2017
Yash Pandya
27 November, 2017
The market intelligence hidden truth
JAX Finance
27 November, 2017
Geco air real-world emissions database
22 November, 2017
IOT Implementation in Agriculture in China
Wu Yin
20 November, 2017
R&D axes to reach the Port of the Future
Christophe Jouber...
16 November, 2017
Datafication: What Happens in a World that Anticipates Your Every Move?
Charlie Berger
06 November, 2017
Digital payments - Analysing the Cyber landscape
Mritunjay Kapur, ...
02 November, 2017