New Trends in Spectrum Management Technology: Big Data and Spectrum Sharing
18 October, 2017
High-Power Wireless Charging Solution For Notebooks and 2-IN-1 Tablets
Denis Cabrol, Ste...
10 October, 2017
Wireless Charging Solutions - EPP Transmitter and Receiver
Derek Wang
06 October, 2017
Non GNSS Systems and Impact on Next Generation Requirements
05 October, 2017
Development Of An Ultra Low Power Wireless Communication Technology
Keiji Takeuchi, H...
04 October, 2017
Huawei eLTE Solution for Oil & Gas Field
Huawei Technologi...
03 October, 2017
U.S. Technology Update and 5G Introduction
02 October, 2017
The Future of Wireless Technology 6G & 7G
Rukmani Khutey, G...
30 September, 2017
Tuesday, November 14, 2017, Fairmont San Jose
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Mobile Technology Defined and Compared
Simon Johansen
15 September, 2017
Main Aspects and Impact of 5G-Phase II Projects
George Agapiou
14 September, 2017
Use of Mobile Network Analytics for Application Performance Design
Irene Alepuz, Jor...
12 September, 2017
EIP-SCC Smart Cities Roadmap
Judith Borsboom-v...
11 September, 2017
5G Service Vision
Yongwan Park PhD
08 September, 2017
Smart Cities In Europe An Overview Of Existing Projects And Good Practices
Benjamin Bizjan P...
07 September, 2017
5G-Oriented Network Innovation Enabling Digital Europe
Peter Zhou
01 September, 2017
Paving The Way For 5G
Emmanuel Fassurie...
31 August, 2017
5G-Crosshaul: A 5G integrated Backhaul and Fronthaul Flexible Transport Network
Fabio Cavaliere
30 August, 2017
Huawei 5G Research Progress
Huawei Technologi...
29 August, 2017
5G: A Major Enabler For The Industry Of The Future
Philippe Lucas
26 August, 2017
NB-IoT for IoT Connectivity - The Benefit To Utilities
Manfred Burger
24 August, 2017