Mobile Cloud Architecture Overview
Juniper Networks
13 March, 2018
Wireless Technology Community
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11 March, 2018
Wireless Communications for Future Manufacturing Field
Satoko Itaya
09 March, 2018
Wireless Charger Networking for Mobile Devices: Fundamentals, Standards, and Applications
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23 February, 2018
Wireless sensor network utilization in IoT era
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21 February, 2018
Disaggregation & Virtualization within Juniper Networks Mobile Cloud Architecture
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09 February, 2018
nano/micro sensor wireless communication systems
Jae Eun Jang
05 February, 2018
Ultra-low power wireless communication technology development
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02 February, 2018
Maxims of Tech: Rules of Engagement for a Fast Changing Environment
Cellular V2X: The Journey to 5G has Started
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30 January, 2018
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Future X Network for 5G and IoT
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12 January, 2018
Delivering on the Promise of 5G SOI RF Semiconductor Solutions for the Next Wave of Data
Peter A. Rabbeni
11 January, 2018
The Value of Additional Mid-Band Spectrum Reallocations
Coleman Bazelon
10 January, 2018
Wireless Communications: The Future
Song Chong PhD
25 December, 2017
Research on Connected Automated Vehicle Key Technology and Industry Developments
Ge Yuming
21 December, 2017
Telecommunications Sector
The Ohio State Un...
18 December, 2017
High resolution smartphone microscopy as an educational and public engagement platform
Laura C. Wicks, G...
16 December, 2017
Solid-state Meteorological Radars in the C and X Bands
Masakazu Wada PhD...
08 December, 2017
Latency-aware Virtual Machine Placement for Mobile Edge Computing
Wei Wang
04 December, 2017