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Connected Intelligent Car and Vehicle Infotainment Trends

Description: Presenting you the trend of intelligently networked cars and history of vehicle multimedia & the relationship between “in-vehicle multi-media” &. “connected car and telematics” industry.
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01 | The trend of intelligent networked cars
02 |History of Vehicle Multimedia & the relationship between “in-vehicle multi-media” &. “connected
car and telematics” industry
03 | Impacts to connected car industry brought by changes of outer environment
04 | New meaning of the word“in-vehicle multi-media” after autonomousdriving technologies being
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Steny Solitude
15 May, 2019
26 April, 2019

Solar Dollars and Sense: How Solar Works

Solar panels require more energy to manufacture than they produce in their lifetime. Solar manufacturing results in more pollution. Solar is too expensive for widespread usage.

16 April, 2019