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Crossing the River 450

 Kevin Witt
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Domain: Electronics
Category: Semiconductors
Crossing the River 450
Kevin Witt, February 2, 2007
A Beestly Business
Thinking of 450mm wafer production always brings a particular episode of the 1960’s & ‘70’s
television show "Wild Kingdom” to mind. Let me take you back. [Cue harp glissando and wavy
video transition] Marlin Perkins is sitting in a jeep near the Mara River in Africa a safe distance
away from a herd of ca ... See more
Kevin Witt
19 November, 2015

A Zn Redox battery for Utility Scale Storage

There are many proposed and actual energy storage technologies that can create inventory for the grid. Why are they not being used? A brief economic analysis is used to answer th

Kevin Witt
18 December, 2009
Kevin Witt
25 May, 2009