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Database Management Trends: 1987 to 2008 and onwards

 Michael S. Abbey —Database Officer, Oracle Practice
Description: Since I Believe the Following The earth is flat, LBJ "pulled the trigger"… presentation covers Database Management Influencers, automation, what has changed, less manual intervention, more software complexity, GUIs: Oracle, IBM DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, how IT Initiatives get Derailed. Outsourcing Can Fail If Decision based on price alone Offshore selected with little attention to bandwidth and native infrastructure Management "legislates" Technicians not 100% fluent in language of the company
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Disclaimer Trends in Database Managenent
is this 1987 or 2008? NOUG March 5, 2008
Michael S. Abbey -- Database Officer Oracle Practice

If anything I say pinches a nerve ... please remember that I can take objection to just about anything. Things I say or do for the next 40-50 minutes are deliberately "lightened-up" for the sake of the delivery of this keynote and your enjoyment . ... See more

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