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Datacenter and Computer System Power Management

 K Rajamani, C Lefurgy, S Ghiasi, JC Rubio, H Hanson, T Keller, IBM Research Labs
Description: A tutorial on managing power consumption in data center facilities management. Includes discussions on Anatomy of a datacenter and Energy Consumption Breakdown, Improving efficiency, Understanding the problem, variability, Building blocks - sensors and actuators, Feedback-driven and model-assisted solution design, Servers and Storage Heat Density Trends, Cost of Power and Cooling, Benchmarking Power-Performance: SPECPower_ssj_2008, how Workloads and Configuration Dictate Power Consumption.
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Power Management for Computer Systems and Datacenters

Karthick Rajamani, Charles Lefurgy, Soraya Ghiasi, Juan C Rubio, Heather Hanson, Tom Keller {karthick, lefurgy, sghiasi, rubioj, hlhanson, tkeller}@us.ibm.com IBM Austin Research Labs


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Overview of Tutorial
1. Introduction and Background
� New focus on power management - why, who, wh ... See more
15 December, 2008