Five things which should consider while buying a smartwatch

 vasu jain

Smartwatch is now becoming a latest trend in the market. Smartwatch is same as smartphones in which they giving you the same type of features like calling,dialing,check mails,enjoymusic etc. Smartwatches have all the options out their with pros and cons based on these pieces of information. So we will tell you the things which you must consider while buying a smartwatch by looking at some key features. Acc to Tom's guide, the following are what you should be looking at before deciding on what smartwatch to buy.

1.Operating System

This is the most important feature while considering and buying a smartwatch is operating system. Operating system helps you to get expirience you are going to get while using your device. Its totally depends upon your preference you can choose between the IOS Android or peeble device. You might also want compatibility between the smartwatch and smartphone. Make sure when you buy the smartwatch that actually works with your smartphone.

2.Display Type

Display is the very important part of smartwatch which gives theam a proper look and attarction. Smartwatch displays comes in two different forms; E-ink and a colored LCD or AMOLED display. E-ink is an e-paper display that is very easy to read, especially when out in the sun. They come in monochrome and colored versions as well, and they also consume less battery life. LCD displays tend to be brighter and full of color, giving them an edge when it comes to viewing files such as photos and apps. The trade off with them is the fact that they consume more battery life.


Interface generally comes in two forms touch and button form. Both have pros and cons and its depends upon you in which you are comfortable with.For example, while the touchscreen makes it easier to navigate and select the apps and open the notifications, it might be difficult to select small items on the screen sometimes which leads you to make some small errors. On the other hand, while buttons ensure precision when selecting items on the screen, it usually takes much more time to navigate and select the apps.


Design is most important thong while consider or buying a smartwatch because the smartwatch is not only a gadget, it is also a fashion item and no one wants to wear something that doesn't look good on them.There are many smartwatch companies which launches new smartwatch with multiple colours such as Black,White ,Orange,Red etc. Design is not all about color of the face even the size of the watch can be tuned to the customer's desires. Design will you a proper confidence and personality.

5. Notifications and Alerts

One of the main facilites is given by each and every smartwatch company is notifications. Smartwatches provides you the facilites of notifications and alerts like all social media notification like facebook,Twitter, Instagarm etc , making and receiving calls and text messages. All these things you can see in your smartwatches without putting out a smartphone. It can helps you to show all your information in your wrist.

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